A parent is Still the Best Teacher

Educating a child isn’t easy. But it doesn’t have to be hard either. Here’s a simple checklist that parents can do to see if you are giving your child the basic tools they need to become well-educated.

  1. Encouraged to talk and listen often __
  2. Read to every day __
  3. Supplied with many reading materials __
  4. Learning about print and letters __
  5. Monitored for television viewing __
  6. Encouraged to ask questions __
  7. Encouraged to solve problems __
  8. Exposed to similarities and differences __
  9. Encouraged to sort and classify things __
  10. Learning to write name and address __
  11. Learning to count __
  12. Playing counting games __
  13. Learning to identify shapes and colors __
  14. Given opportunities to draw __
  15. Given opportunities to listen __
  16. Encouraged to make music and dance __
  17. Given regular, first-hand experiences to do things in the wirld - to see and touch objects, hear new sounds, smell and taste foods and watch things move __
  18. Encouraged to do well in school __
  19. Rewarded when they do well in school __
  20. Loved every minute __

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